Air Conditioning

Modern heat pump /air conditioning technology satisfies both your heating and cooling requirements, providing clean, healthy fresh air and a comfortable humidity level without any draughts.

Each system is customised to meet the unique demands of your home or business, providing a fully climate-controlled environment for the comfort of your family, staff, visitors and customers.

The warm air is transferred inside your home through a piping system powered by the indoor fan unit, usually mounted on a wall. As such the system is often referred to as a heat pump instead of air conditioning – however both are really the same. In warm weather the reverse happens and warm air is drawn from the interior and pumped outdoors. The system is easily managed by remote control so your can set the interior temperature for your comfort.

We offer all main types of heat pump air conditioners:

  • High wall
  • Floor mounted console
  • Concealed ducted

High Wall

The most extensively automated option, wall-mounted air conditioners can be installed practically everywhere and take up no floor space. It should be noted however that the high location can make filter cleaning difficult, particularly for the elderly and disabled. This is the most popular type of heat pump for offices and residential houses and apartments due to their smart aesthetic design and very attractive pricing.

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Console, or floor heat pumps / air conditioners are split-type units that are particularly suitable for installation in recesses below windows and in lofts. Their design, resembling certain modern space heaters, is the result of extensive research. These modern and attractive-looking units are commonly installed in locations unsuitable for other types of heat pumps. Console units can be located out of sight, yet still provide temperature control and comfort.

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Concealed / Ducted

Ducted heat pumps / air conditioners are split-type units which allow for centralised distribution of air from one air conditioner to several rooms simultaneously. Ducts leading from a centrally located unit (mounted in the ceiling space or under the floor) distribute air to several places. Identical air parameters can be maintained centrally without the need to control a separate unit in each

This type of unit is more suitable for installation in new homes or commercial buildings and is generally the most expensive option. Ducted systems have the least visual impact of any heat pump system; the only presence is the supply and return air grilles.

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Heat pumps offer a range of advantages:

Energy Efficient

Heat pumps are the more economical solution than a conventional heating system because of the four -time- higher efficiency rate. 


The speed control of modern inverter units combined with advanced blade design significantly reduces noise levels when it matters most – at night. 

Sub Zero Performance

Modern units such as the Mitsubishi Electric Comfortmaster range has a guaranteed performance down to -10°C to endure adequate heating performance on cold nights and mornings when you need it most.

Humidity Regulation

Dampness and mould can ruin furniture, drapes, carpet and chattels and can cause unpleasant odours. Some of the latest heat pumps feature a DRY cycle function in the cooling mode which collects moisture and removes via an attached condensate drain.

Air Purification

Installing a heat pump can benefit those that suffer from asthma, hay fever and other allergies. Most new models feature an air cleaning filter along with a deodorising filter that helps reduce the allergens in the air inside.

Practically Maintenance Free

To maintain efficiency of your heat pump, you simply need to change or clean filters quarterly or sooner if they look dirty. (Cleaning filters is especially easy in floor mounted console units, but can be a little more difficult in high wall units. Refer to your owner’s manual for how to quickly and easily change your filter.)


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