Southfreeze Refrigeration Ltd designs, manufactures, installs and services refrigeration systems for the hospitality industry as well as for other commercial, industrial and marine purposes.

As qualified and experienced refrigeration engineers, we are able to complete any job relating to the following, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


•    Commercial freezers
•    Restaurant equipment
•    Coolers
•    Display units
•    Cabinet sales
•    Ice makers
•    Tank rooms
•    Cool rooms
•    Line chillers
•    Cellars

We are sales and service agents for Skope, and offer their excellent range of refrigerated cabinets and FPG food display systems for sale.

Commercial Refrigeration

•    Process refrigeration
•    Industrial refrigeration 
•    Marine refrigeration
•    Refrigeration rebuilds
•    Blast freezers
•    Brine chillers
•    Freeze dryers
•    Air dryers
•    Cooling towers
•    Heat recovery
•    Walk-in coolers and freezers
•    Cold storage facilities
•    Water chillers

We offer inspection and maintenance contracts for your refrigeration equipment. Under a contract, we will schedule regular inspections and the maintenance of your equipment as often as necessary throughout the year. This is the best way to keep your equipment in top condition and to avoid the costs associated with broken equipment and lost product.



We are dealers in SKOPE Refrigeration Systems.


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Business Hours: 8am - 4.30pm

After Hours available 24/7